Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ms. Queensize Fatima 2015 Crowned

Miss Ritzilyn Petaca was crowned as Miss Queensize of Barangay Fatima last July 17, 2015. Miss Queensize is a first for Barangay Fatima, General Santos City. This is in celebration of the 5th Kalton Festival of the said Barangay. Miss Queensize is a beauty pageant specially created for the big sized but talented gay not only of General Santos City but of its neighboring places.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Googlified in 2013

I am thankful to Google since I started to become active in social media, switching to easy to manage blogger from my oh so complicated blog site, I never left and managed quite a number of blogs as of this writing. Through the active initiative of the local groups here, I also learned how to use Google map. Though not active for the year 2013, I still made it to the big events the recently organized Google Business Group in Gensan arranged. Like the Women on Web, obviously a gathering of women and empowering them through social media, even inviting the You tube famous "Juana Change".

We should never miss the biggest Google event in General Santos City so far, with more than 300 attendees  - GDayX Mindanao. Held at the event center of SM Gensan, Google people visited Gensan and shared technologies, applications and programs that are a huge help for mankind. One thing I remember during that gathering is - "Moon Shot". Google it. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Been to : BORACAY

Every Filipino beach bums had been dreaming of going to the most popular Summer get-away of the Philippines, Boracay. So when I got the chance to finally set foot on this most talked about beach hub, I grabbed it right away.

If you are the relaxation-in-vacation type of person, here are some things you can do when in Boracay:

1. People Watching

 Boracay is one of the best places where you can just sit and watch people. They come in different nationalities, different races, different colors and different shapes. Thus, perfect sunglasses do come in handy as you settle in the white beaches of Boracay. 

2. Finish the NOVEL you've been eyeing to read.

 If you do not want to try the water sports Boracay has to offer, reading a book in a bench is good idea. Look for a perfect spot where you won't get toasted, wear a nice piece of bikini, bring a bottled water or order some fresh fruit shake and you are good to go.

3. Watch the beautiful sunset.

 Boracay has one great view of the Sunset and a Boracay visitor should never miss it. The setting would be more romantic if you have a love one with you. Go to the seashore around 4 in the afternoon and start waiting for the sun to set. It is also the best time for meditation as you savor the natural beauty of God's amazing creations.

4. Walk or Jog

 With different food stations and restaurants Boracay has, most likely, you will over-eat. To warm you and your sore butt up, take a walk or jog along the shore lines of Station 1 to Station 3 of Boracay. It is also one way of checking the shops, restaurants and more shops Boracay has without spending much.

5. Take a lot of Picture

 Being in Boracay gives you the right to become a camwhore. Make sure to take a photo of you with the popular stores, shops, hotels and restaurants in all stations. Your Boracay experience would not be complete without you taking a picture with the white sand and the ocean as the background.

These are the very few of the things you can do in Boracay. If you are more into adventure, they offer a lot of water activity packages, make sure to ask around first before saying yes to a package.

Enjoy Boracay!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

T5 rocked GenSan, AGAIN!

In 2011 of the same month, five rock bands came to the  peaceful soils of General Santos City to awaken the sleeping blood of the rock suckers.

Tanduay brought some of the newest Rock Royalty of this generation for the Generals to enjoy. Everyone knows that the T5 Line-up got their bragging rights for being good performers. Evident to that are their sold-out albums and full packed show venues around the globe.

What made me happy but sad at the same time is T5's decision in getting Urbandub and axing my other favorite bands. T5 concert is a must see every year not only because of the music these great Pinoy bands brings but the fun they spell FUN when they are on stage. Emanating a good vibe of comradeship and friendship developed while they are on tour. It would surely paste a smile on your face as you leave the venue knowing that you did not only enjoyed the show but your idols obviously had fun.

Photo credits to JOEMAR CABASAN.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

POWERSPOONZ "Rock the Globe" at DAVAO

Stormproof and Globe Prepaid married again to bring you one hell of a head bumping evening. 
Catch POWERSPOONZ play at MACHECA BAR formerly KUGSIK BAR at Pryce Plaza Compund Torres St. Davao City on July 27, Friday, featuring their new ALBUM "INNA STEREO" . 80php will get you in with a FREE (1) GLOBE SIM inclusive of a 30pesos load and experience the SUPERLAHAT PROMO LOAD by GLOBE...