Tuesday, March 9, 2010


In the Philippines, once you speak of the word MINING you will usually get VIOLENT REACTIONS. Probably because the word (mining) for some, is synonymous to DESTRUCTION. I cannot blame them for I once shared the same belief due to our previous experiences.

But as the popular saying goes, THERE IS ALWAYS TWO SIDES OF THE STORY.

General Santos City- SOX Bloggers prepped and geared up for a whole day of full packed activity arranged by SMI personnel, tagged as DISCOVERY TOUR. Boy, quiet alot of discoveries that day indeed... First stop at SMIs Competence Center for a briefing...

briefing with the SOX Bloggers

SMI'S Tampakan Copper-Gold Project is not yet EARNING

- they may have been very visibly working in South Cotabato for years now but the truth is, they are still on the EXPLORATION STAGE. The company is not yet extracting for commercial distribution purposes. hence they are on the Preliminary stage wherein they explore, conduct feasiblity studies, consults the affected communities as part of the enivronmental assessment, etc...
As their timeline presented, SMI will be fully operational by year 2016

SMI's Liberty CoreFarm

Once operating, SMI may become the
largest MINE in the PHILIPPINES
- with the estimated 2.4 Billion Tonnes Copper that may be extracted from the area it is indeed the largest in the Philippines.

the yellow footprint like is the proposed area

SMI had been consistent with their belief that
MINING and DEVELOPMENT CAN WORK TOGETHER. That with a responsible mining, things can go a long way not only for the company but for the community and the rest of its stakeholders.

Apprehensive, one may ask on how the affected communties accept the project. Obviously some are okay with it while others are going against it.

the B'laan community

ENVIRONMENT care is also a prority of SMI.

With the massive operations expected once the project push-through also comes a massive effect to the natural resources in the area. That is why, part of the studies they conducted ensures a lesser if not zero impact to the natural environment.

Right now, they had been active in tree planting and reforestation activities.

seedlings at the SMI nursery

No matter how small they are, they play big roles in the cycle of our environment. Existence or the lack of insects like those of butterflies is an indicator of a healthy and abundant environment, so the SMI is now trying to breed some of these insects that will serve as a replacement once the project will be fully operational.

caterpillars at the nursery

And that's their side of the story from the view of a trying hard blogger who've been there. I am not aiming for my pessimistic readers to be converted. You have your doubts. I also have mine. That is just healthy. Be a proactive vigilant. But do not just settle for what you heard and what was told. Read. Research. Open up your minds for the possibilities. Give this company a chance. Giving them a chance does not mean you will be playing mute and blind once they've done someting foolish. Tell them instead "GO ahead! WE WILL BE WATCHING YOU".