Wednesday, November 24, 2010

BEEN TO: Merl Garden Spring Resort, Lake Sebu

Semestral break may be over for our Filipino Students but for those who cannot get enough of adventure trips, here is a good place to check out.

The MERL GARDEN SPRING RESORT is located at Barangay Lahit in one of the hottest tourist destination here in the Southern part of the Philippines, LAKE SEBU.

with open and close cottages 

Merl's, as the locals often call it, is the first resort you will find once you enter Lake Sebu. One of the cheapest resort in Lake Sebu, they offer different amenities good for group outings and activities. They have zipline of different kinds but is way shorter and a bit boring compared to the ZipLine at the 7 Falls, still in Lake Sebu.

a Large Pool to enjoy

a mini pool with an exciting slide for the kids and kids at heart

boat-like zipline

function hall good for seminars/orientations

If you plan of staying over night, Merl Garden also offer cottages for you to sleep in at the lowest rate. They have two kinds of cottages, one that may house a maximum of 16 persons (double-deck beds) and one for a small group of four. If you are in Lake Sebu, you do not need an air conditioning unit, cause nature itself is your air condition. 

Cottage good for 8-16 persons

double deck beds that can fit up to 4 sleepers

cottage for a group of 4

Everything will really be back to basics during your stay at Merl Garden Spring Resort. You do not have TV on your rooms, the sound of the night insects will serve as a lullaby plus if you are lucky enough, you will be guarded by the resort's horse.

The only drawback of your stay in Merl though is you do not a have a view of the Lake. But you can arrange a morning activity so you may tour the place and visit other resorts with the Lake as a facade. Plus, the menu is simple compared to other resorts in the area.

For more inquries just contact this number 09194577221 for SMART and 09225713078 fo SUN CELLULAR hoping it would be of great help enjoy guys...

 "Feel the Comfort and Beauty of God's Creation at Merl Garden Spring Resort"