Sunday, August 29, 2010


This post need not further introduction. 
Let me give you my entry to the  

Ganda Ever So Much 
The humor and hit to the bones reality makes me come back for more! Plus, the author is very GENEROUS! See more about my review about this blog on my post: THE MOST GANDA-EVER POST OF THE YEAR.

Kikay Much 
Since Donna Mae's very first post for this blog project I've been a constant follower. From the blog title itself, it speaks of kaKIKAYAN, that most of the girls have in common. Tips on beauty and fashion is totally a go for me, plus a review of products and saloon services are of great help.

Alexis Chua 
The author of this blog seems like a 50-year old man writing from years of experience, but he is only a fresh graduate! Totally young and totally fresh. One of the young bloggers that intimidate me, specially on his way of writing and his obvious wit, his blog will surely not bore you. Just like the way he looks, ALEXIS is a no nonsense new generation blogger.

Ako Si Rabsky 
Another young blogger who proves that age does not matter in this cyber world. Being an IT students may have helped him to get so creative especially on how his page will look, but wait till you read his blog content and he will surely surprise you. This one is surely worth to be applauded.

Kusina ni Maria 
I am a frustrated COOK. I love FOOD. I love to EAT. Who does not? This is the ultimate Food and Cooking Blog that will surely make you salivate at a glance, that you cant help but lick the picture on your monitor. (Major, major Exaggeration!)

Same reason as voting for Kusina ni Maria, this blog contains food, Food, food. Plus, things about my beloved General Santos City, this blog is definitely on my list.

Get Prettified 
Another Beauty and Fashion Blog who tries the products and makes honest reviews. If you want to get the real deal on beauty products better check out this Blog. 

SCT Online Mag 
A South Cotabato version of GenSAn News Online Mag, this is the page to check for the latest news, events and happenings in South Cotabato. Followers here and abroad should thank Nanardx for keeping them updated of their beloved province.

In times when I get tired of reading, this is where I lead my cursor and enjoy the beauty of photography. When not treating his patients, doc Remo goes to another type of operation. Photo OPeration OUTDOORS . Enjoy his shots as you click away to this page.

Finally, completing my list is Sir Mandi's. With a single picture, he can draw out number of words that would surely hit you to the bones. You will also get the chance to see the places he been to, making some of us envious.

I nominated those blogs not because some of them are my friends, not because I am told to do so but because I believe they are truly influential. Check them out too and maybe include them on your list as well by joining Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 Writing Project.

Concert Series: Yamaha & BAMBOO rocked GENSAN

As part of the promotional tour of YAMAHA Motor Philippinesa 3-day promotional activity they have dubbed as YAMAHA FIESTA 2010 were conducted here in the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, where else but in General Santos City. Staged in the newest mall in the city, Robinsons Place, they brought BAMBOO on the second night to give free and wholesome entertainment to the Generals.

Who am I to miss a free and good show? The gang went to Robinsons Place to check the new models of Yamaha Motorcycles and I fell in love with the new Yamaha Scooter "Fino". Might get one of these Authentic looking scooters one of these days.

Now, on with the show. 

As people start to pile up the parking lot of Robinsons Place waiting for the much awaited performace of Bamboo, Yamaha took time in bragging their latest motor models through interesting dance spectacle. Funny contests also liven up the crowd.

 Then came BAMBOO!

As expected shrills conquered the cloudy evening of Saturday when Bamboo Mañalac grabbed the microphone and started the group's performance. Together with the ever delictable Ira Cruz and the rest of the band, BAMBOO made the crowd go gaga as they played their hits like Tatsulok, Noypi, Probinsyana, Hallelujah and more famous Bamboo songs that made the crowd sing along.

The mood became nostalgic, when the group performed tracks during their Rivermaya days. I jumped, danced and sang with the rest of the Generals when Bamboo performed Ulan, Hinahanap-hanap kita and Awit ng Kabataan.

This had been the third time of Bamboo to visit GenSan and they never fail to put the crowd in awe. Always wowing them with their energy and superb performance. 

Thank you Yamaha for bringing Bamboo 
to General Santos City!

Friday, August 13, 2010

A WEEKEND THAT WAS: Blogging Events

My Saturdays and Sundays are usually spent in my crib, facing the monitor most of the time, wasting the nice weather hibernating than going out and mingle. That is not the case with my weekend last August 7 and 8 (Saturday &  Sunday). It was a rare weekend overflowing with laughters and cheers. 

The Ganda Ever Blogversary Bloggers Eyeball Party!

I was waiting for this particular Saturday, even marked it on my calendar a few days back. I am excited for this will be the day when my cyber friends will come to life. Plus, I will be getting my much awaited blog contests prizes from blogversary. Clad in my mini black dress, I was one of the early comers for the party being thrown by the GandaEver Orman for his blog's first year! 

thanks for the warm hug

The party atmosphere was relax, as expected! I was welcomed by a hug by the Uber Gandang Orman Manansala who were rosy red that night. Bloggers, friends and love ones of Ganda Ever cracked jokes, giggled on some naughty jokes of the hosts, chowed down on the sumptous food courtesy of Le Jardin Arnevels , camwhored thru the EZCAPTURE Photobooth and took home prizes from different sponsors on that  memorable Saturday! Everyone left with HAPPY FACES, wishing the night will never end.

the partygoers

Robinsons Bloggers Wifi Party!

But it did not end there. I juggled a Family and a Blogger Day on Sunday! Fresh from last night's party, everyone still cannot get over with what and how the evening that was. With still the blogversary hangover in everyone's system, conversations became animated among everyone. Though, everyone is half way done with their lunch when I came, everyone was still beaming upon seeing me. The happy bloggers became happier with our loot bags from Robinsons Place Gensan. Very generous of them :)

orientation at Coffee Club 101 Robinsons

That weekend with the bloggers made me realize, never to miss a single Blog Activity ever!

this is how we do it!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


September 30 of last year was a beginning of a new shopping lifestyle for the economically improving city of the Generals.With the growing numbers of migrating residents, the opening of Robinsons in Gensan was in perfect timing. Shopping enthusiast from Gensan and other neighboring areas welcomed the new addition to their shopping destinations with an ear to ear smiles, so eager to have a taste of the popular "Robinsons Malls Experience".

The 32,700 square meters Mall caters to everyone. Young and Not-so- Young. Students and Professionals. Paid employees and Businessmen, and to every different clientele you can think of. 

It is not hard to fall in love with any Robinsons Malls in this side of the planet, Robinsons Place Gensan most especially. I can say they are the most GENEROUS Mall in General Santos City. They are the only mall in the city which offers ABSOLUTELY FREE WIFI ACCESS in almost every corner of the mall. (You can get better wifi access at the FOOD COURT, AL FRESCO and the line of RESTAURANTS in the mall). In this time of new age technology, where you can easily connect to the whole wide world with a simple thumbing of your internet-able mobile phones, wifi access inside a mall  is the "honey to the bees" for our multi-tasking shoppers. Robinsons Place also brought quiet a number of celebrities, artists and famous characters to General Santos City and everyone is invited. No need to purchase THIS and THAT to get closer with their idols. "Just be there when it happens" is always the motto, proving that MAS MAPAGBIGAY kami dito!

Robinsons Malls are
consistent and genuine with their SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. In their special ways, the management makes an extra effort in getting acquainted with the community. They hold Catholic Mass regularly, initiate Exercise Sessions to promote healthy lifestyle, and open its doors for different local offices and organizations to hold events/activities in their ATRIUM. Aside from those, what I love about Robinsons is the fact that they are trying their best to keep safe the environment. Their Think BIG. Think GREEN project is being practiced extensively. Starting from the building construction to the EcoSavers Bag, Robinsons reminds the Generals once in a while that even big establishments such as Robinsons is not just all about the financial profit. Indeed, "MAS MABAIT KAMI SA LAHAT DITO"

Robinsons Place Gensan knows how to TAKE CARE of their costumers. Putting their foot in the costumers' shoes,  Robinsons Place Gensan management see to it that we shoppers are well taken care of. Consistent temperature of the Cooling System, Fast, Efficient and Friendly sales people, availably Clean Comfort Rooms, and sufficient fixtures to sit-on everytime your legs tire-up. Therefore, "MAS MAALAGA KAMI DITO"

Robinsons Place Gensan is also KIDS HAVEN which made them an A PLUS for my family because of our youngest sister! The ATRIUM with the QUANTUM toys(FERRIS WHEEL, CRAWLING ANIMALS and TOOTER TRAIN) is like a chocolate factory for the kids and kids at heart. With 3D Movie readily available courtesy of Robinsons Movie World, don't you wish you can live inside the mall? It is definitely "MAS MASAYA at BONGGA dito!

going UP and DOWN on the Ferris Wheel

Aside from those facts, having Robinsons Place around made the Malling Business more competitive in General Santos City. Alarmed with their existence and sudden claim to fame, other malls also made improvements as well. Improvements or None, mas MAGANDA pa rin dito sa Robinsons Place Gensan!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Here's a very last special contest entry for the 1st Birthday of the ever generous This is yet the most demanding blog contest I am joining. Well, His Royal Gandaness has all the reason to put pressure to all his followers.

I never intended to join this last contest to be honest, I never had "THE" best encounter/experience with GANDA, yet. Our meetings belongs to the FORGETABLE archives. All we have is this CYBER thing. We are just FB/PLURK friends. But when a surprising notification from facebook stating that Orman tagged me in one of his posts/links "WHERE ARE YOUR ENTRIES? PWEDE KONG MAPATAWAD ANG DI PA AKO NAMI-MEET PERO KAYONG MGA MAHAL KO HINDI PWEDENG WALANG ENTRY! HMP!"... (Orman loves me? WOW!.. Wish mo lang dai...), I shouldn't have entertained the second thoughts at the first place. 

"Si Orman at si Lumix"
(one of my stolen shots of Sir Orman)

Allow me to likened him to the RED QUEEN of Alice in Wonderland. His mere presence makes me unnecessarily giddy and too afraid that I might hear him utter the infamous "OFF WITH HIS/HER HEAD". We never had those little tête-à-tête, YET. I am up to this very moment, is very intimidated by him.


First KISS. First LOVE. First etcetera. The FIRSTS in our lives are not easy to forget. In fact, it is stored in a small box in our head for keepsakes. My FIRST with Sir ORMAN was also my first with the some of the SOCSKSARGEN BLOGGERS. It was also my very first blogger activity- SMI Discovery Tour. And it was all stored in my little box for safety.

In person, my meeting with the Royal Gandaness was nothing extraordinary. We said our HELLO. We shared a smile. Exchange a retort or two. And shared our appreciation for good looking boys. It was a mere ACQUAINTANCE.  Not on the world wide web, I feel closer to Sir Orman online. Thanks to the now one year old,  I get to know his exes, currents and soon-to-be's. I know where he loves to hang and dine. I also know one of his little dirty secret - sometimes, he is too lazy to bathe on weekends... ssssshhh... I can also give unsolicited suggestions and advices freely. Busy as a bee, Sir Orman finds time to read comments and let everyone knows that they are being heard. I may not be one of his charmed ones or his adopted bloggers, but I am happy just knowing him.

"Dulo sa Dulo"
(Guess where I am?)