Sunday, August 29, 2010


This post need not further introduction. 
Let me give you my entry to the  

Ganda Ever So Much 
The humor and hit to the bones reality makes me come back for more! Plus, the author is very GENEROUS! See more about my review about this blog on my post: THE MOST GANDA-EVER POST OF THE YEAR.

Kikay Much 
Since Donna Mae's very first post for this blog project I've been a constant follower. From the blog title itself, it speaks of kaKIKAYAN, that most of the girls have in common. Tips on beauty and fashion is totally a go for me, plus a review of products and saloon services are of great help.

Alexis Chua 
The author of this blog seems like a 50-year old man writing from years of experience, but he is only a fresh graduate! Totally young and totally fresh. One of the young bloggers that intimidate me, specially on his way of writing and his obvious wit, his blog will surely not bore you. Just like the way he looks, ALEXIS is a no nonsense new generation blogger.

Ako Si Rabsky 
Another young blogger who proves that age does not matter in this cyber world. Being an IT students may have helped him to get so creative especially on how his page will look, but wait till you read his blog content and he will surely surprise you. This one is surely worth to be applauded.

Kusina ni Maria 
I am a frustrated COOK. I love FOOD. I love to EAT. Who does not? This is the ultimate Food and Cooking Blog that will surely make you salivate at a glance, that you cant help but lick the picture on your monitor. (Major, major Exaggeration!)

Same reason as voting for Kusina ni Maria, this blog contains food, Food, food. Plus, things about my beloved General Santos City, this blog is definitely on my list.

Get Prettified 
Another Beauty and Fashion Blog who tries the products and makes honest reviews. If you want to get the real deal on beauty products better check out this Blog. 

SCT Online Mag 
A South Cotabato version of GenSAn News Online Mag, this is the page to check for the latest news, events and happenings in South Cotabato. Followers here and abroad should thank Nanardx for keeping them updated of their beloved province.

In times when I get tired of reading, this is where I lead my cursor and enjoy the beauty of photography. When not treating his patients, doc Remo goes to another type of operation. Photo OPeration OUTDOORS . Enjoy his shots as you click away to this page.

Finally, completing my list is Sir Mandi's. With a single picture, he can draw out number of words that would surely hit you to the bones. You will also get the chance to see the places he been to, making some of us envious.

I nominated those blogs not because some of them are my friends, not because I am told to do so but because I believe they are truly influential. Check them out too and maybe include them on your list as well by joining Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 Writing Project.


  1. whew dimple! you just made my day! thank you ever so much!

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  3. Congratulations and good luck to all your nominees! :-D

  4. its a fight fight fight for SOX BLOGGERS!