Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Here's a very last special contest entry for the 1st Birthday of the ever generous This is yet the most demanding blog contest I am joining. Well, His Royal Gandaness has all the reason to put pressure to all his followers.

I never intended to join this last contest to be honest, I never had "THE" best encounter/experience with GANDA, yet. Our meetings belongs to the FORGETABLE archives. All we have is this CYBER thing. We are just FB/PLURK friends. But when a surprising notification from facebook stating that Orman tagged me in one of his posts/links "WHERE ARE YOUR ENTRIES? PWEDE KONG MAPATAWAD ANG DI PA AKO NAMI-MEET PERO KAYONG MGA MAHAL KO HINDI PWEDENG WALANG ENTRY! HMP!"... (Orman loves me? WOW!.. Wish mo lang dai...), I shouldn't have entertained the second thoughts at the first place. 

"Si Orman at si Lumix"
(one of my stolen shots of Sir Orman)

Allow me to likened him to the RED QUEEN of Alice in Wonderland. His mere presence makes me unnecessarily giddy and too afraid that I might hear him utter the infamous "OFF WITH HIS/HER HEAD". We never had those little tête-à-tête, YET. I am up to this very moment, is very intimidated by him.


First KISS. First LOVE. First etcetera. The FIRSTS in our lives are not easy to forget. In fact, it is stored in a small box in our head for keepsakes. My FIRST with Sir ORMAN was also my first with the some of the SOCSKSARGEN BLOGGERS. It was also my very first blogger activity- SMI Discovery Tour. And it was all stored in my little box for safety.

In person, my meeting with the Royal Gandaness was nothing extraordinary. We said our HELLO. We shared a smile. Exchange a retort or two. And shared our appreciation for good looking boys. It was a mere ACQUAINTANCE.  Not on the world wide web, I feel closer to Sir Orman online. Thanks to the now one year old,  I get to know his exes, currents and soon-to-be's. I know where he loves to hang and dine. I also know one of his little dirty secret - sometimes, he is too lazy to bathe on weekends... ssssshhh... I can also give unsolicited suggestions and advices freely. Busy as a bee, Sir Orman finds time to read comments and let everyone knows that they are being heard. I may not be one of his charmed ones or his adopted bloggers, but I am happy just knowing him.

"Dulo sa Dulo"
(Guess where I am?)


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  1. of course i love you dimple!

    you just made me smile the widest before i hit the sack tonite! thanks dear and let's really bond on saturday! see you!!!!