Thursday, June 9, 2011

Been to: IML Resort & Nature Park

Sarangani Province is indeed working hard for its tourism. The success of the recent Sarangani Bay Festival says it all. But that is just the other side of Sarangani, The other side is also gaining its fair share of popularity as well. If Gumasa, Glan is proud of its white sand beaches, the Municipality Maasim Sarangani got different type of fun to offer.

Slowly drawing crowds from its locality and neighbors, Maasim's Lemlunay already got its regular from the diver community, extreme sports enthusiast also troop there for the Water Tubing adventure and to those who want a serene beach setting on a weekend goes to Susan Beach Resort.

Last April 8, another tourist destination opened at Barangay Lumasal, Maasim Sarangani Province, Philippines.

 Pool 1 - also known as the Kiddie Pool

IML Resort and Nature Park is strategically located on top of a hill just before you reach Kiamba. The place has two big swimming pools. One for the kids with 4 feet as the deepest part plus two slides and the other one for adults which is 8 feet deep. For an adrenaline pumping activity, IML Resort and Nature Park has a 500-meter long Zip line. A firing range is also set-up to those of you who enjoys the thrill of practice shooting. Little children would also enjoy the kiddie playground designed for them. Planning to stay overnight? Fret not for IML Resort and Nature Park got affordable hotel rooms good for the whole group or your family. They also have a restaurant which offer meals for the budget conscious tourists. They also serve different dishes of native chicken. They say they got a function hall but I haven't seen it so I cannot tell you exactly its person capacity. 

 Uphill -Downhill

IML Resort and Nature Park got all the elements of a good place for relaxation. With an easy view of the vast Sarangani Bay, it is like enjoying God's creation at its best. They have an accommodating staff which are mostly from the locality of Barangay Lumasal. Maybe with more trainings and orientation the human resource of the resort will be better. There are few restrictions though, since 1ML got restaurant, bringing of foods is discourage- but if you cannot help it  you'll have to pay for the corkage. You also cannot bring floaters and the likes (e.g.salbabida) - the resort has floaters for rent.


Rating the resort, 10 as the highest I will give them 6 for now. As we always say there is always a room for improvement. Here are some things that I am not very happy about IML - their open cottages area is so small that you can already rub the elbows of the other people occupying the next cottage. Aside from that, the cottages cannot keep you from getting wet if it rains - the management should do something about that. I would also recommend they assign a standby waiter with a walkie talkie at the open cottage area to take orders and requests of their guests and customers, since going to the restaurant from the pool area is tedious considering the uphill/downhill walk you need to take. Those are just my 10-cent worth for now.

If you wish to visit the resort one of these days, here are some of there rates:
ENTRANCE - Php 50 (Day Rate)
                      - Php 75 (Night Rate)
ZIPLINE       - Php 200/ride
COTTAGES - Php 150 (small)
                     - Php 200 (small)
ROOMS       - Php 1,500 - Php 2,000

Oopps! Before I forget, tell your driver to check your car's brakes if you are planning to go the resort. It is an uphill drive afterall.

For more inquiries or reservation you may 
contact these numbers: 09489757710 & 09077494549.