Tuesday, December 7, 2010

B and the Sox Bloggers conquers the Scientists' Kitchen

A warm and sunny December 5 became a memorable Sunday for the Busy B and the Mindanao's Funnest! Thanks to the Scientist in the Kitchen, Ms Gay Carillo. Fresh from her Thailand trip, she shared some easy to prepare Thai Dishes that made the Sox Bloggers say ohhhh and ahhhhhh...

Here are the dishes that the Sox Bloggers themselves prepared (with the assistance of the Scientist of course):

Proud with our Pad Thai

we prepared our own lunch expect for the chicken and spring rolls

A Sox Bloggers gathering would not be complete without photo shoot. Now time for some camwhoring. 

highly gay with the Mindanao's Funnest

a pose before finally leaving our host's abode

This group is definitely Mindanao's Funnest!


The sudden downpour of rain did not stopped the Drum and Lyre contingents from doing their stints. Participants from various schools of General Santos City and neighboring towns looked all animated either with their costume and their make-up with their drums and other musical instruments at hand.

The Drum and Lyre competition organized by the head of Youth Affairs and Development Office, ELMER CEQUINA served as a loud siren that this year's Pasko sa Gensan festivities is on roll.

photo grabbed from General Joana

The swift Program turning every presentors into anime' characters, the parade of champagne and the lighting of the Christmas tree in the middle of the Oval Plaza were only a few signaling the  OPENING. Plus the longest display of fireworks in any General Santos City was greatly enjoyed by the Generals that night.

photo grabbed from General Joana

"Animi sa Gensan, Anime ang Paskuhan" is this years' Pasko sa Gensan Theme which really brought out the creativity of the Generals who participated, participating and will be participating the events and activities lined up. Click this for the lists of activities.

Ooooopppsss! Do not forget the activity I am managing. Go check it out on December 12, 2010 at the Oval Stage. Expect Ten young and talented Bands from General Santos City and the rest of the 1st District of South Cotabato showcase their stuff for the Sigaw Kabataan: Battle of the Bands sa Paskuhan sa Gensan.

Friends experience an Anime' way of 
Christmas only in Paskuhan sa Gensan!

Isang Maligayang Pasko sa Magandang Gensan!

photo grabbed from General Joana

All photos used in this post are taken by Mosler Paul Lapore.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

BEEN TO: Merl Garden Spring Resort, Lake Sebu

Semestral break may be over for our Filipino Students but for those who cannot get enough of adventure trips, here is a good place to check out.

The MERL GARDEN SPRING RESORT is located at Barangay Lahit in one of the hottest tourist destination here in the Southern part of the Philippines, LAKE SEBU.

with open and close cottages 

Merl's, as the locals often call it, is the first resort you will find once you enter Lake Sebu. One of the cheapest resort in Lake Sebu, they offer different amenities good for group outings and activities. They have zipline of different kinds but is way shorter and a bit boring compared to the ZipLine at the 7 Falls, still in Lake Sebu.

a Large Pool to enjoy

a mini pool with an exciting slide for the kids and kids at heart

boat-like zipline

function hall good for seminars/orientations

If you plan of staying over night, Merl Garden also offer cottages for you to sleep in at the lowest rate. They have two kinds of cottages, one that may house a maximum of 16 persons (double-deck beds) and one for a small group of four. If you are in Lake Sebu, you do not need an air conditioning unit, cause nature itself is your air condition. 

Cottage good for 8-16 persons

double deck beds that can fit up to 4 sleepers

cottage for a group of 4

Everything will really be back to basics during your stay at Merl Garden Spring Resort. You do not have TV on your rooms, the sound of the night insects will serve as a lullaby plus if you are lucky enough, you will be guarded by the resort's horse.

The only drawback of your stay in Merl though is you do not a have a view of the Lake. But you can arrange a morning activity so you may tour the place and visit other resorts with the Lake as a facade. Plus, the menu is simple compared to other resorts in the area.

For more inquries just contact this number 09194577221 for SMART and 09225713078 fo SUN CELLULAR hoping it would be of great help enjoy guys...

 "Feel the Comfort and Beauty of God's Creation at Merl Garden Spring Resort"

Friday, September 24, 2010


East Asia Royale Hoyel had been so generous in bringing music artists in General Santos City to celebrate its festivals. For the 23rd Tuna Festival, the East Asia management will be bringing no less than ELY BUENDIA!

So if you missed the popular Eheads songs, better check this one! Ely would surely make the girls scream for more of the Eheads songs. Click this link for more information.

You may also check other TUNA EVENTS before going to this party:


Sunday, September 12, 2010


Thanks to the Gensan News Online Mag, for giving me a complimentary ticket and I was able to watch the ASAP SESSIONISTAS LIVE IN GENSAN CONCERT. (Click this link how i got that ticket)

Sitti and Richard Poon had been my favorites since they started in the music biz, so when they started performing as ASAP Sessionistas, I become an instant fan of the group. Good thing, me and my partner share the same feelings towards them. So when the group came to General Santos City, we made sure not to miss the chance of seeing them perform live.

my forever FAVORITES

September 10, 2010 - The heavy downpour did not stop us from trooping to the event venue. Quarter to Eight, with my complimentary ticket and my boyfriend's discounted ticket at hand, we looked for a good seat, since all the bestest seats are for the very,very,very important people of GenSan (that includes the Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao).

Now for my expectation check.

Screaming and loud and crazy fans are definitely present, but they did not fill the venue. It may be because of the rain, which makes us lazy or may be because of the pricey tickets. But first consider these facts: 1. You are paying for six uber talented artists not just any trying hard performers; 2. Expect numbers of production numbers from the groups where they perform mostly POP songs like songs from Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jonas Brothers, Michael Jackson and many more. Aside from that, each artists are given their solo time on stage as they perform two songs of their forte; 3. The price you are paying when you are in the provinces is way cheaper compared when you are going to watch them in the Metro. Make that DOUBLE. So, if by chance ASAP SESSIONISTAS will visit your provinces, make sure to save up for them and I'll tell you, it is WORTH IT!

first set with ASAP SESSIONISTAS

Astonishing production numbers. CHECK! Add the sexy G-Force dancers as back-up is awesome. Totally way better than watching them on TV. Watching them sweat it out, as they sing and dance, absolutely PRICELESS.

girls only. Juris: Pagbigyan na natin si Aiza

Phenomenal repertoire. CHECK! Who did not bounced their heads, danced on their seats, waved their hands, sing along to the popular songs the group performed? Listening to them as they sing their famous singles would really melt your heart out! I am just thrilled when they performed few of my favorites like Richard Poon performed "Kahit maputi na ang buhok ko", Sitti sang "Para sa Akin", Duncan did a South Border medley and Nina, singing the controversial "Someday". As they perform, I can attest the versatility of these artists. They may be exceptionally good with their genres but they can do things out of their comfort zone. Undeniably BRILLIANT!

just like playing with style

Voices. voices. voices. Their voices are without a doubt A++++! It was such an experience! Endless goosebumps as you hear each artists belt it out. Aside from the voices, it is evident on the stage their passion for performing to their fans. They are FUN to watch because of the fact that you can see that they too are enjoying. They are not on the stage only because they have to sing for the paying public; they are on the stage to do what they love to do! 

great JOB Sessionistas!

BRAVO for you Duncan, Aiza, Juris, 
Sitti, Richard and Nina!
Thank you that one memorable night!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


General Santos City is yet again going to be a venue of a HUGE concert! Special thanks to Denville Music & Production and Record Breaker Events Managements,  Lagao Gymnasium will never be a dull place after all! 

Here comes not just one but six world-class Music artists to perform for the SOCSKSARGEN crowd! They are nothing but great individual artists in their own right and they were put together and became a huge hit for the local and international crowd. Thanks God for ASAP for giving them a weekly stint, making me paste my lazy eyes in front of the boob tube on Sunday afternoons. They are one of the reasons why I watch ASAP XV and here's an ASAP XV-inspired reasons why you should not missed them:

ASAP XV-inspired Reasons

All star music artists in one stage seldom happen here in the City of the Generals. That alone is simply irresistible. It is once-in-a-lifetime they say. Nina belting her greatest hits, Juris melting the hearts of the romantics, Aiza, inspiring the listening audience with her cool voice, Duncan giving everyone a dancing groove, Richard serenading the ladies and of course Sitti enjoying her bossa beat. Oh, what a treat.

Screaming and loud fanatics will surely fill Lagao Gymnasium on September 10 of 2010 and I wont be ashamed in claiming that I am going to be one of those screamers that night. Loud and noisy, screaming for your favorite band or artist is a good way of releasing your stress. What a good way of emancipating yourself from the week-long pressure but to scream all your heart out for the Sessionistas. You will surely go out of the venue light hearted and ready for the long weekend with all smiles.

Astonishing production numbers that is way better than watching them on TV should never be missed. Nothing is comparable in watching the group perform live and in flesh. Watching them sweat it out, as they dance or do a move maybe is priceless.

Phenomenal repertoire that would not only make the crowd go WOW but sing and dance along as well. You cannot have that in Videoke Bars right? Would you like to hear them sing their famous singles live? We would surely drool over Aiza'z rendition of "Perhaps Love", Nina's "Make You Mine", Juris' "I love you, goodbye", Richard Poon's "Kahit maputi na ang buhok ko", Sitti Navarro's "Para sa Akin" and Duncan doing hits from South Border. Expect different genres of music that night. From Soul to RnB to Bossa to Blues. These exceptional artists will be doing their different takes on the pieces they will be performing that night and it will definitely be a fun watch.

Xtremely exciting fact that all of them are no longer GENSAN Virgins. Duncan already had a taste of General Santos way back when his band South Border had a concert at Anchor Driving Range; together with Chin, Juris which was still part of MYMP also did a concert for the Generals already; Sitti Navarro and Richard Poon already had an intimate concert here in General Santos, Sitti performed at Phela Convention Center, while Paseo del Sol for the latter; Aiza Seguerra had her album tour at KCC Mall while Nina made the Generals love her more on her recent concert at Taps and Kokay (former Anchor Driving Range). Isn't it nice to see them once again on our soils, entertaining us one more time? A big plus is, they are TOGETHER. It sure is.

Voices. voices. voices. Hearing these voices to die for LIVE is an ultimate experience for music fans everywhere. The voices of Duncan, Aiza, Juris, Sitti, Richard and Nina. Hear them live or forever be glum.

your six reasons to watch

Come one, come all! Go buy your tickets now! 
Go check Gensan New Online Mag for more details.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


This post need not further introduction. 
Let me give you my entry to the  

Ganda Ever So Much 
The humor and hit to the bones reality makes me come back for more! Plus, the author is very GENEROUS! See more about my review about this blog on my post: THE MOST GANDA-EVER POST OF THE YEAR.

Kikay Much 
Since Donna Mae's very first post for this blog project I've been a constant follower. From the blog title itself, it speaks of kaKIKAYAN, that most of the girls have in common. Tips on beauty and fashion is totally a go for me, plus a review of products and saloon services are of great help.

Alexis Chua 
The author of this blog seems like a 50-year old man writing from years of experience, but he is only a fresh graduate! Totally young and totally fresh. One of the young bloggers that intimidate me, specially on his way of writing and his obvious wit, his blog will surely not bore you. Just like the way he looks, ALEXIS is a no nonsense new generation blogger.

Ako Si Rabsky 
Another young blogger who proves that age does not matter in this cyber world. Being an IT students may have helped him to get so creative especially on how his page will look, but wait till you read his blog content and he will surely surprise you. This one is surely worth to be applauded.

Kusina ni Maria 
I am a frustrated COOK. I love FOOD. I love to EAT. Who does not? This is the ultimate Food and Cooking Blog that will surely make you salivate at a glance, that you cant help but lick the picture on your monitor. (Major, major Exaggeration!)

Same reason as voting for Kusina ni Maria, this blog contains food, Food, food. Plus, things about my beloved General Santos City, this blog is definitely on my list.

Get Prettified 
Another Beauty and Fashion Blog who tries the products and makes honest reviews. If you want to get the real deal on beauty products better check out this Blog. 

SCT Online Mag 
A South Cotabato version of GenSAn News Online Mag, this is the page to check for the latest news, events and happenings in South Cotabato. Followers here and abroad should thank Nanardx for keeping them updated of their beloved province.

In times when I get tired of reading, this is where I lead my cursor and enjoy the beauty of photography. When not treating his patients, doc Remo goes to another type of operation. Photo OPeration OUTDOORS . Enjoy his shots as you click away to this page.

Finally, completing my list is Sir Mandi's. With a single picture, he can draw out number of words that would surely hit you to the bones. You will also get the chance to see the places he been to, making some of us envious.

I nominated those blogs not because some of them are my friends, not because I am told to do so but because I believe they are truly influential. Check them out too and maybe include them on your list as well by joining Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 Writing Project.

Concert Series: Yamaha & BAMBOO rocked GENSAN

As part of the promotional tour of YAMAHA Motor Philippinesa 3-day promotional activity they have dubbed as YAMAHA FIESTA 2010 were conducted here in the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, where else but in General Santos City. Staged in the newest mall in the city, Robinsons Place, they brought BAMBOO on the second night to give free and wholesome entertainment to the Generals.

Who am I to miss a free and good show? The gang went to Robinsons Place to check the new models of Yamaha Motorcycles and I fell in love with the new Yamaha Scooter "Fino". Might get one of these Authentic looking scooters one of these days.

Now, on with the show. 

As people start to pile up the parking lot of Robinsons Place waiting for the much awaited performace of Bamboo, Yamaha took time in bragging their latest motor models through interesting dance spectacle. Funny contests also liven up the crowd.

 Then came BAMBOO!

As expected shrills conquered the cloudy evening of Saturday when Bamboo MaƱalac grabbed the microphone and started the group's performance. Together with the ever delictable Ira Cruz and the rest of the band, BAMBOO made the crowd go gaga as they played their hits like Tatsulok, Noypi, Probinsyana, Hallelujah and more famous Bamboo songs that made the crowd sing along.

The mood became nostalgic, when the group performed tracks during their Rivermaya days. I jumped, danced and sang with the rest of the Generals when Bamboo performed Ulan, Hinahanap-hanap kita and Awit ng Kabataan.

This had been the third time of Bamboo to visit GenSan and they never fail to put the crowd in awe. Always wowing them with their energy and superb performance. 

Thank you Yamaha for bringing Bamboo 
to General Santos City!

Friday, August 13, 2010

A WEEKEND THAT WAS: Blogging Events

My Saturdays and Sundays are usually spent in my crib, facing the monitor most of the time, wasting the nice weather hibernating than going out and mingle. That is not the case with my weekend last August 7 and 8 (Saturday &  Sunday). It was a rare weekend overflowing with laughters and cheers. 

The Ganda Ever Blogversary Bloggers Eyeball Party!

I was waiting for this particular Saturday, even marked it on my calendar a few days back. I am excited for this will be the day when my cyber friends will come to life. Plus, I will be getting my much awaited blog contests prizes from blogversary. Clad in my mini black dress, I was one of the early comers for the party being thrown by the GandaEver Orman for his blog's first year! 

thanks for the warm hug

The party atmosphere was relax, as expected! I was welcomed by a hug by the Uber Gandang Orman Manansala who were rosy red that night. Bloggers, friends and love ones of Ganda Ever cracked jokes, giggled on some naughty jokes of the hosts, chowed down on the sumptous food courtesy of Le Jardin Arnevels , camwhored thru the EZCAPTURE Photobooth and took home prizes from different sponsors on that  memorable Saturday! Everyone left with HAPPY FACES, wishing the night will never end.

the partygoers

Robinsons Bloggers Wifi Party!

But it did not end there. I juggled a Family and a Blogger Day on Sunday! Fresh from last night's party, everyone still cannot get over with what and how the evening that was. With still the blogversary hangover in everyone's system, conversations became animated among everyone. Though, everyone is half way done with their lunch when I came, everyone was still beaming upon seeing me. The happy bloggers became happier with our loot bags from Robinsons Place Gensan. Very generous of them :)

orientation at Coffee Club 101 Robinsons

That weekend with the bloggers made me realize, never to miss a single Blog Activity ever!

this is how we do it!