Sunday, September 12, 2010


Thanks to the Gensan News Online Mag, for giving me a complimentary ticket and I was able to watch the ASAP SESSIONISTAS LIVE IN GENSAN CONCERT. (Click this link how i got that ticket)

Sitti and Richard Poon had been my favorites since they started in the music biz, so when they started performing as ASAP Sessionistas, I become an instant fan of the group. Good thing, me and my partner share the same feelings towards them. So when the group came to General Santos City, we made sure not to miss the chance of seeing them perform live.

my forever FAVORITES

September 10, 2010 - The heavy downpour did not stop us from trooping to the event venue. Quarter to Eight, with my complimentary ticket and my boyfriend's discounted ticket at hand, we looked for a good seat, since all the bestest seats are for the very,very,very important people of GenSan (that includes the Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao).

Now for my expectation check.

Screaming and loud and crazy fans are definitely present, but they did not fill the venue. It may be because of the rain, which makes us lazy or may be because of the pricey tickets. But first consider these facts: 1. You are paying for six uber talented artists not just any trying hard performers; 2. Expect numbers of production numbers from the groups where they perform mostly POP songs like songs from Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jonas Brothers, Michael Jackson and many more. Aside from that, each artists are given their solo time on stage as they perform two songs of their forte; 3. The price you are paying when you are in the provinces is way cheaper compared when you are going to watch them in the Metro. Make that DOUBLE. So, if by chance ASAP SESSIONISTAS will visit your provinces, make sure to save up for them and I'll tell you, it is WORTH IT!

first set with ASAP SESSIONISTAS

Astonishing production numbers. CHECK! Add the sexy G-Force dancers as back-up is awesome. Totally way better than watching them on TV. Watching them sweat it out, as they sing and dance, absolutely PRICELESS.

girls only. Juris: Pagbigyan na natin si Aiza

Phenomenal repertoire. CHECK! Who did not bounced their heads, danced on their seats, waved their hands, sing along to the popular songs the group performed? Listening to them as they sing their famous singles would really melt your heart out! I am just thrilled when they performed few of my favorites like Richard Poon performed "Kahit maputi na ang buhok ko", Sitti sang "Para sa Akin", Duncan did a South Border medley and Nina, singing the controversial "Someday". As they perform, I can attest the versatility of these artists. They may be exceptionally good with their genres but they can do things out of their comfort zone. Undeniably BRILLIANT!

just like playing with style

Voices. voices. voices. Their voices are without a doubt A++++! It was such an experience! Endless goosebumps as you hear each artists belt it out. Aside from the voices, it is evident on the stage their passion for performing to their fans. They are FUN to watch because of the fact that you can see that they too are enjoying. They are not on the stage only because they have to sing for the paying public; they are on the stage to do what they love to do! 

great JOB Sessionistas!

BRAVO for you Duncan, Aiza, Juris, 
Sitti, Richard and Nina!
Thank you that one memorable night!

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