Monday, January 17, 2011

True Faith's LOVE PARADE Album OUT NOW

Are you a fan of TRUE FAITH? If you've been out of the circle and haven't heard news about them, well here is a good one for you!


The number 13 may have a bad connotation for some people, but this 13th Album from True Faith would surely belong to the lucky 13 streaks. Their first single, YUN LANG is with Armi Millare of Up Dharma Down.The Quark Henares-directed video of the single is now on MYX, Channel V and YouTube. 

For those of you who do not know TRUE FAITH, check THIS for the group's official website.

The second single from Love Parade, PANGAKO is also out now.

So if you are a fan, the band would like you to use the logo (above) on your Facebook Profile for a number of days. It would surely help create awareness for the album. 

Here is a video of True Faith's YUN LANG!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

26. I AM!

Yes. I proclaim. I already am 26. Five more years to go and I'll reach the dreadful out of the calendar age.

Looking back. It was one hell of a ride. As people always say, there are the UPS and DOWNS. I may have number of FAILURES but there are also things that I achieved that is worthy to be PROUD of. But this post is not about those. This post is for the people in my life, old and new alike.

This is a THANK YOU entry for all the people who were and are part of who I am today! 

Thanks to all the HATERS.
Giving my boring life a bit of SPICE.
 May GOD be with you from this day onward.

Thanks to all my FOLLOWERS
May your kind multiply 
and help me get that ka-ching from ADSENSE that I desire.

Thanks to all my FRIENDS.
 Even though we do not see each other that often, 
I can still feel the love you have for me. Virtual kisses and hugs for you guys!

Thank you to my FAMILY
Who keep up to my worst and good days.
 I am one lucky girl to be part of this family.

Thank you to you DADI. 
We are now on our 6th year 
but I can still feel like we are on our first lovely days. 
Sweet and Innocent. 

A warm HUG goes out to our CREATOR