Sunday, January 16, 2011

26. I AM!

Yes. I proclaim. I already am 26. Five more years to go and I'll reach the dreadful out of the calendar age.

Looking back. It was one hell of a ride. As people always say, there are the UPS and DOWNS. I may have number of FAILURES but there are also things that I achieved that is worthy to be PROUD of. But this post is not about those. This post is for the people in my life, old and new alike.

This is a THANK YOU entry for all the people who were and are part of who I am today! 

Thanks to all the HATERS.
Giving my boring life a bit of SPICE.
 May GOD be with you from this day onward.

Thanks to all my FOLLOWERS
May your kind multiply 
and help me get that ka-ching from ADSENSE that I desire.

Thanks to all my FRIENDS.
 Even though we do not see each other that often, 
I can still feel the love you have for me. Virtual kisses and hugs for you guys!

Thank you to my FAMILY
Who keep up to my worst and good days.
 I am one lucky girl to be part of this family.

Thank you to you DADI. 
We are now on our 6th year 
but I can still feel like we are on our first lovely days. 
Sweet and Innocent. 

A warm HUG goes out to our CREATOR 

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