Friday, August 13, 2010

A WEEKEND THAT WAS: Blogging Events

My Saturdays and Sundays are usually spent in my crib, facing the monitor most of the time, wasting the nice weather hibernating than going out and mingle. That is not the case with my weekend last August 7 and 8 (Saturday &  Sunday). It was a rare weekend overflowing with laughters and cheers. 

The Ganda Ever Blogversary Bloggers Eyeball Party!

I was waiting for this particular Saturday, even marked it on my calendar a few days back. I am excited for this will be the day when my cyber friends will come to life. Plus, I will be getting my much awaited blog contests prizes from blogversary. Clad in my mini black dress, I was one of the early comers for the party being thrown by the GandaEver Orman for his blog's first year! 

thanks for the warm hug

The party atmosphere was relax, as expected! I was welcomed by a hug by the Uber Gandang Orman Manansala who were rosy red that night. Bloggers, friends and love ones of Ganda Ever cracked jokes, giggled on some naughty jokes of the hosts, chowed down on the sumptous food courtesy of Le Jardin Arnevels , camwhored thru the EZCAPTURE Photobooth and took home prizes from different sponsors on that  memorable Saturday! Everyone left with HAPPY FACES, wishing the night will never end.

the partygoers

Robinsons Bloggers Wifi Party!

But it did not end there. I juggled a Family and a Blogger Day on Sunday! Fresh from last night's party, everyone still cannot get over with what and how the evening that was. With still the blogversary hangover in everyone's system, conversations became animated among everyone. Though, everyone is half way done with their lunch when I came, everyone was still beaming upon seeing me. The happy bloggers became happier with our loot bags from Robinsons Place Gensan. Very generous of them :)

orientation at Coffee Club 101 Robinsons

That weekend with the bloggers made me realize, never to miss a single Blog Activity ever!

this is how we do it!

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  1. yes its fun to attend any bloggers'events...always busog gyud...