Tuesday, August 10, 2010


September 30 of last year was a beginning of a new shopping lifestyle for the economically improving city of the Generals.With the growing numbers of migrating residents, the opening of Robinsons in Gensan was in perfect timing. Shopping enthusiast from Gensan and other neighboring areas welcomed the new addition to their shopping destinations with an ear to ear smiles, so eager to have a taste of the popular "Robinsons Malls Experience".

The 32,700 square meters Mall caters to everyone. Young and Not-so- Young. Students and Professionals. Paid employees and Businessmen, and to every different clientele you can think of. 

It is not hard to fall in love with any Robinsons Malls in this side of the planet, Robinsons Place Gensan most especially. I can say they are the most GENEROUS Mall in General Santos City. They are the only mall in the city which offers ABSOLUTELY FREE WIFI ACCESS in almost every corner of the mall. (You can get better wifi access at the FOOD COURT, AL FRESCO and the line of RESTAURANTS in the mall). In this time of new age technology, where you can easily connect to the whole wide world with a simple thumbing of your internet-able mobile phones, wifi access inside a mall  is the "honey to the bees" for our multi-tasking shoppers. Robinsons Place also brought quiet a number of celebrities, artists and famous characters to General Santos City and everyone is invited. No need to purchase THIS and THAT to get closer with their idols. "Just be there when it happens" is always the motto, proving that MAS MAPAGBIGAY kami dito!

Robinsons Malls are
consistent and genuine with their SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. In their special ways, the management makes an extra effort in getting acquainted with the community. They hold Catholic Mass regularly, initiate Exercise Sessions to promote healthy lifestyle, and open its doors for different local offices and organizations to hold events/activities in their ATRIUM. Aside from those, what I love about Robinsons is the fact that they are trying their best to keep safe the environment. Their Think BIG. Think GREEN project is being practiced extensively. Starting from the building construction to the EcoSavers Bag, Robinsons reminds the Generals once in a while that even big establishments such as Robinsons is not just all about the financial profit. Indeed, "MAS MABAIT KAMI SA LAHAT DITO"

Robinsons Place Gensan knows how to TAKE CARE of their costumers. Putting their foot in the costumers' shoes,  Robinsons Place Gensan management see to it that we shoppers are well taken care of. Consistent temperature of the Cooling System, Fast, Efficient and Friendly sales people, availably Clean Comfort Rooms, and sufficient fixtures to sit-on everytime your legs tire-up. Therefore, "MAS MAALAGA KAMI DITO"

Robinsons Place Gensan is also KIDS HAVEN which made them an A PLUS for my family because of our youngest sister! The ATRIUM with the QUANTUM toys(FERRIS WHEEL, CRAWLING ANIMALS and TOOTER TRAIN) is like a chocolate factory for the kids and kids at heart. With 3D Movie readily available courtesy of Robinsons Movie World, don't you wish you can live inside the mall? It is definitely "MAS MASAYA at BONGGA dito!

going UP and DOWN on the Ferris Wheel

Aside from those facts, having Robinsons Place around made the Malling Business more competitive in General Santos City. Alarmed with their existence and sudden claim to fame, other malls also made improvements as well. Improvements or None, mas MAGANDA pa rin dito sa Robinsons Place Gensan!


  1. alam ko sila lang ang may absolutely free wifi!

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