Saturday, October 24, 2009

Concert Series: VICE GANDA in KCC

I am a big fan of STAND-UP COMEDIANS...

I am always in awe how they poke audiences, their co-comedians and themselves just like that...

One of my favorites is VICE GANDA!

Born JOSE MARIE VICERAL, a graduate of Political Science in Far Eastern University, he become a VICE GANDA through the people who watch his shows and compliment him with "ang ganda ng show mo"... From there, he coined this name just by using the word "GANDA" and adding up "VICE" to complete it... And the rest as we always say is history...

"Horsey Rumor" is evident during his hour and a half act in the ATRIUM of KCC Mall of GENSAN . “I would say after my show, ‘O, sige, babay na. Matutulog ako ng maaga dahil may karera pa ako bukas ng umaga sa Sta. Ana.’ I mean., the racetrack.”

He joined O, Diva! search of Eat, Bulaga!, but dropped out when he lost his voice for three months, prompting him to shift to comedy and thanks to The Library (alma mater of many of today’s young comedians) where he started.

“During my early years at Laffline and Punchline, the customers would usually approach me and say, ‘Ang ganda ng show mo!’ Ang ganda mo!’ The word ‘ganda’ stuck. So I decided to use it as my showbiz name. Looks better on the marquee, kaysa naman sa real name ko na masyadong mahaba. I just thought of adding the word ‘Vice’ because ‘Ganda’ naman is too short.”

There was never a dull moment during his show. I even find VICE generous, for his hour act became almost an hour and a half. Fresh from his "SHOWTIME" stint, he went on the way to get in time for his show here in GENSAN... He never looked tired inspite his lack of sleep... Making me adore him more!

Till we meet again!

Thanks to KCC MALL of GENSAN for bringing him for the very first time to the city of GENERALS...

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