Sunday, April 18, 2010


OKAY!... I may not go LADY GAGA over Christian Bautista. I may not be his BIGGEST fan as others may already claim. But I do consider CHRISTIAN BAUTISTA as one of best among his contemporaries.

At glance Christian is the type of guy you would take to your mom to meet. Aside from the good looks and charm, his voice is absolutely a gift from up above.

I was still in HIGH SCHOOL when I first saw and heard him on "STAR IN A MILLION", he became a crowd favorite after doing his JOSH GROBAN's versions. I thought, he's going to be the GRAND CHAMPION but it that does not matter now anymore. With his background with the theater group - TRUMPETS, his renditions of his chosen pieces were Theatrical at first, but Christian completely evolved into what a Pop artist should be, making him sell albums like hot pancakes and staying in the music industry for quiet sometime. Christian not only conquered the hearts of the Filipino music enthusiasts but of the rest of ASIA, the likes of Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, to name a few.

some Christian's Thai Fans

If you are a boob tube fan, you also have probably seen him playing as Lorenzo in ABS-CBN's recreation of Pablo S. Gomez's "Kampanerang Kuba" starring Anne Curtis. He also got a gig on the Silver Screen for a Metro Manila Film Festival entry, MANO PO 5. With this kind of exposures, his INDONESIAN management (which is his second home) do have in their table, plans for him to do a movie in Indonesia *crossing our fingers*.

acting debut on Kampanerang Kuba

With the trend of doing REMAKES, Christian Bautista and his management made a right decision of choosing THE Jose Marie Chan's originals.

Known to be a balladeer, I am often amused when he dares to do UPBEAT tracks and tries to dance along on his regular gig on ASAP, a Sunday Variety Show of ABS-CBN. I do hope that he will include upbeat numbers and do his signature moves on the Christian Bautista's "CONSTANT CHANGE" concert in Gensan.

A great Summer Musical Treat for all ages, Drumbeat Ventures, Starbright Offic Depot, Vertical Builders, DGO Depot and the Office of the City Mayor of GenSan is bringing Christian Bautista featuring Prasia. Go check GenSan News Online Mag for more information about this concert.

Considered a good role model of this generation plus good work ethics Christian Bautista will really go a long, long way not only here in our land but also on the foreign shores. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your tickets now!


  1. Wow, congratulations for joining and winning the Christian Bautista “Constant Change Concert” Blog-Writing Contest... Sana dumami pah ang concert nah mangya2ri sah gensan sah su2nod nah mga buwan...

    Gensan starts to shine nah gyud...

  2. @arze--thanks!.. yeah! there will surely be more concerts coming up!.. :)