Thursday, March 31, 2011

CONCERT SERIES: Urbandub vs PowerSpoonz: Attack of the South

Its been five days already, yet I cannot still get over Urbandub and Powerspoonz gig at Davao. It still gives me shiver as I think about them. It was ultimately AWESOME! Can't get enough of them since then.

The GENERALS attacked Davao City for the much awaited ATTACK OF THE SOUTH Gig at The Tent-Matina Town Square on March 26, 2011!

Everyones excited as they bought their tickets and lined-up for the entrance. My group was among the Early Birds. We are obviously excited. We wanted to get the best seat and luckily, we did!

GETTING STARTED. The local bands from the Davao never failed to get the ecstatic audiences entertained for Four Long Straight hours. Azimuth started with Three tracks, followed by the fun and young performance of Ten in a Row. Davao Karate Club was also something to watch out for while Spasm and Polar Depth kept the vibe alive before the highlight of the gig that night.


HEATING UP. Then came the funky POWERSPOONZ and the audience went wild. Asked to stand up, the audience instinctively went right in front the stage and started to jump up and down. Instigating a MOSH, boy, it smelled like teen spirit! Its so good to be YOUNG and FREE!

Honestly, I haven't heard of Powerspoonz not until this gig. Oh yeah, they became an instant favorite. I love their songs serendibity, barrio, overflow and more. And Philippines, you better watch out for them, for they are a discovery. Read more about POWERSPOONZ here.

CLIMAX. Everbody came to their climax when Urbandub's Frontman Gabby Alipe joined Powerspoonz for a Sublime Cover. The bouncers can no longer control the crowd when Lalay Lim (bass guitar), John Dinopol(lead guitar) and JanJan Mendoza(drums) joined Gabby on stage. Everybody went crazy wild as they dance and sing along with this NU ROCK AWARDS favorite band. Their 9-Song Playlist that night never allowed the audience to take a breather or sit. They keep their hearts pumping till the last key of GUILLOTINE - one of the fans favorites from Udub's 4th Album Under Southern Lights.

the list


THANK YOU STORMPROOF of DAVAO for bringing them a bit closer to us!



Cannot wait for them to COME AND PLAY for GENERAL SANTOS CITY!

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