Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Stormproof is at it again! After the tremendously successfull Attack of the South featuring Urbandub and Powerspoonz last March 26, 2011, they will be ending the Davao's October with a BANG!

With a show tagged as THREE-LLA FROM MANILA, literally 3 bands from Manila will be rocking Davao on the 29th of October, at THE TENT, Matina Town Square. You still have time to save up for a P350 ticket that comes with 1 beer, 1 slice of pizza and 1 GLOBE sim. Where can you get that? Only on a Stormproof production. Surely a three-lla thrilla!

Featuring CHICOSCI who became famous for their hits like Paris, Vampire Social Club, A Promise among others. Surely shrieking female fans will troop just to get a sight of the frontman Miggy Chaves and the guitarist Mong Alcaraz. The band behind the hit "Will You Ever Learn", TYPECAST is another band to perform. An inspiration to the underground/indie bands/artists, they gained quiet a number of followers in this part of Mindanao. They may not be a mainstream group, TAKEN BY CARS gained respect in the music industry by getting noticed my award giving body like that of NU Awards and MYX. New to some of us of but the group started way back in 1998. 

This is my little share in spreading the music in/of the South! Experience 3 times the FUN and AWESOMENESS with THREE-LLA from Manila!

For more details you can check Stormproof's FACEBOOK page.

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