Tuesday, September 25, 2012

T5 rocked GenSan, AGAIN!

In 2011 of the same month, five rock bands came to the  peaceful soils of General Santos City to awaken the sleeping blood of the rock suckers.

Tanduay brought some of the newest Rock Royalty of this generation for the Generals to enjoy. Everyone knows that the T5 Line-up got their bragging rights for being good performers. Evident to that are their sold-out albums and full packed show venues around the globe.

What made me happy but sad at the same time is T5's decision in getting Urbandub and axing my other favorite bands. T5 concert is a must see every year not only because of the music these great Pinoy bands brings but the fun they spell FUN when they are on stage. Emanating a good vibe of comradeship and friendship developed while they are on tour. It would surely paste a smile on your face as you leave the venue knowing that you did not only enjoyed the show but your idols obviously had fun.

Photo credits to JOEMAR CABASAN.

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