Monday, May 11, 2009

The Other Side of SUMMERKADAHAN - Part 2

a Continuation...

Be sharing few of the pictures during our 6 -day Activity in Polomolok..

Together with a PDEA Officer, the SUMMERKADAHAN Beneficiaries/Participants, are (i hope) now fully aware on the bad effects of early excessive smoking and drinking and use of prohibited drugs..

The first 4 pictures were taken from Barangay Kinilis... just remembering the journey on the way to that barangay just makes me giggle... dusty road, extreme heat from the sun, an unairconditioned ride... what would you look like once you reach your destination?... an overly powdered face with dust, tangled hair (still with dust) and a thirsty throat... we must be cursed that day... for there was NO WATER SUPPLY.. thanks for our bottled water though... the show must go on still.. so here we are:

Next stop..

Barangay Sulit

With almost a complete attendance (30 BASKETBALL players from Junior and Senior Divisions and 15 Volleyball Players), we were so ecstatic and in the mood with our whole day activity. Plus the fact that Barangay Sulit do have a responsible Sangguniang Kabataan Council, just gave me the drive. Aside from preparing the venue and the sound system, the participants were ON-TIME... and the whole SK Council were there to assist us... 

The next 5 Pictures were taken from Silway-8... Using the Day Care Center as our venue, the participants have to make use of the little plastic chairs.. 

more pictures to come...

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